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Understanding Pharmaceutical Sterilisation

This course provides attendees with a rounded appreciation of all aspects of sterilisation, ranging from equipment design and process understanding, through to qualification and maintenance requirements. One key learning objective is to separate the facts from the myths and legends that are sometimes associated with sterilisation processes. This will help ensure that attendees focus on the important science based facts when making risk based decisions when they return to their daily jobs. Other learning objectives include equipping attendees with the correct knowledge to improve compliance, reducing potential regulatory issues, improving operation effectiveness and maximising the benefits/effectiveness of validation/qualification activities. Examples of equipment systems/processes covered are: Dry heat sterilisation (tunnels/ovens), moist heat sterilisation (porous-load autoclaves and SIP), sterilisation of fluids (steam/pressurised water heated autoclaves), sterilisation by ionising radiation (gamma/e-beam), UV, vaporised hydrogen peroxide [VHP], ethylene oxide and filtration (note: VHP and UV are decontamination methods, rather than sterilisation). The course will be presented by industry experts who collectively have worked in all areas relating to the operation and qualification of sterilisation equipment/processes. Their hands-on experience will provide current industry best practice and they will provide up-to-date regulatory authority information, including the latest EU Volume 4, Annex 1.

Attendees will receive PDF file versions of all the presentations by email. Presentations for each day will be sent out the day before the start of the respective day of the course.

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November 2024
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Tuesday, 26th November 2024 to Thursday, 28th November 2024 (3 days)

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08:00 - 16:00 (London/Dublin)

09:00 - 17:00 (Amsterdam/Berlin)

£1,750 per delegate

NOTE: Course fees will be subject to a 20% UK VAT charge if your billing/invoice address is in the UK and/or delegates are UK based