Our consultancy services include, but are not limited to:

  • Review of validation documentation packages to identify gaps and recommend corrective and preventative actions as part of an inspection readiness programme
  • Provision of compliance and validation advice at the early stage of projects
    • Helping develop qualification and validation strategies
    • Writing validation (master) plans
    • Providing advice and help with writing and implementing validation procedures
    • Carrying out GMP reviews of design (conceptual through to detailed design) - ensuring optimum levels of compliance are built in to the design
  • Reviewing routine operations in terms of GMP compliance, identifying gaps and proposing corrective and preventative action.
  • Helping implement effective quality systems.
  • Helping in the resolution of imposed regulatory actions related to compliance and validation.

Maintaining knowledge of all current regulations, guidelines and major issues is essential for delivering up-to-date compliance and validation courses.

This in combination with recent relevant consultancy/validation projects, puts us in an excellent position to provide advice and recommendations for compliance improvements, helping you achieve enhanced compliance performance.

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